Saturday, November 9, 2013

Oh wait, did I forget?

Randomness is Random

Last night was the Marine Ball.  Due to circumstances, we didn't go. Instead there was some TV watching, some cheesecake eating, and much relaxing around the house.

One thing we've kicked into gear is getting stuff framed that has been waiting to be framed for literal years.

Like this set of photos I put up yesterday.

Some old... OLD photos in that grouping.  Go ahead and make some guesses about some years and stuff.

We didn't get these framed, but we did get them up on the walls.  The camels are painted on a piece of wood and is somewhat three-dimensional.  When I remember who the artist is, I'll let you know.  The puck case I gave to Ian for his birthday, so it's only been 4 months waiting.  Compared to the, um, 10 years for some of those photos.  Yeah.

As Ian said, only 26 more pucks to collect.  What do you do when one of the ones you have is from a departed player?  Hardly seems fair to the current and future players to honor the defectors :)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Some time out with Becca

We went out with Becca for a bit today to the Sweifieh neighborhood.  Dropped off some items for framing, picked up a piece, found the GoKarting spot, checked out Sweifieh Mall, had lunch at Galleria Mall, went into a fancy dress shop, got my anklet fixed at Ansara silver shop....  It was a nice time and we found some places we hadn't expected.

For one thing, the GoKarting place is on the 5th floor of a parking garage.  Didn't see that one coming.  It's 8JD for a 10 minute race, which seems like a decent deal.  The guy who worked there didn't speak much English and they had no brochures, so we'll dig up more information about it and see if we can arrange a trip for kids as something to do during the winter or spring.

The Sweifieh Mall reminds me of Mecca Mall only smaller and closer to home.  It has a 6-lane bowling alley, another activity to keep at the ready especially as colder weather rolls through.  One of the food court options gave me pause though.

Sorry... camera phones don't always do a good job.  Yes, it says Chocolate Chips Cheese Burger and I couldn't find anything anywhere that showed that it didn't mean exactly Chocolate Chips Cheese Burger.

In Sweifieh Mall there's also a children's hair cut place, complete with chairs in car shape.

We departed the land of questionable food and quasi-creepy salons and stopped in a fancy dress shop just to browse through the 450JD gowns where clearly MORE equals higher price.  MORE sequins... MORE lace... MORE ruffles.  Some looked less dress and more cupcake.

A quick stop in Ansara to get my anklet fixed and picked up an evil eye bracelet for Rebecca.  Just because.

We meandered the streets a bit and wondered how 30 gold shops in a row can ever survive or make money, then wandered into Galleria Mall for a short lunch and dessert.

I'm not sure I'd ever launch a business venture under the name Stickhouse, but OK, their money.  Ice cream/gelato on a stick.  Dipped (milk/white/dark/dark w/almonds).  With toppings (sprinkles/pistachios).  2JD for a mini, 3JD for full size.  Keep them in business, people.  Besides, Galleria has parking that's better than the rest of Sweifieh.

We were stuffed and done with walking up and down hills, so headed back with a quick stop at Taj Mall (why yes, that was 3 malls in one day) to pick up a jacket for Becca she'd seen.  Remember, always use your tax card.  I've never remembered to use it at Garage before (if it's not groceries or a restaurant I just don't think about it) and it dropped 8JD/$11 off the price.  A bomber jacket she's wanted for a while and I was just looking for something similar for her online, so I'm happy to have that done. 41JD/$58 for a leather jacket isn't a bad deal either. Sales rock.

Friday, November 1, 2013


Thank goodness it happened the day after Halloween!

Photo: Hailstorm

Photo: Handful of hail

I'll let Donna tell the story of her day... which basicall equals the story of our day :)