Sunday, March 3, 2024

The All Stars

Every year hockey takes a break from the regular schedule and the supposed best-of-the-best congregate somewhere for light-hearted competition and bragging rights.  Well, there is money involved too of course, otherwise I guess no one would show up.  A million bucks for the "winner" of various challenges.  But... not everyone participates in every challenge, and some are more "I'm just here" rather than actually trying, so the winner of the million shouldn't crow too much.  And every year the All Star weekend is different so there's no way to compare one winner to another.  Cale Makar should have won it all, instead of Connor McDavid (again).

This year the All Stars was held in Toronto.  How lucky is that?  We decided to skip the 3-on-3 game, and instead spent our money on watching the Skills competition, and then going to the Convention center for the Fan Fest.  By far the most fun was watching the mascots.  At the end of the Skills the mascots took to the ice for a very silly East vs West game on ice.  At the Fan Fest they played street hockey.  The mascots just have fun... they lie down in net if they aren't turning the net around completely, pick fights, forget to play, etc.  

We'll probably never go to another All Stars, so lucky we went in our backyard.

That's Connor Bedard.

As realistic as it gets at the Fan Fest.

What are the chances it's a Gretzky?