Sunday, June 17, 2018

What. A. Week+. Part 6

And even further back to May 20th.... This one graduated college!
We were able to fly back, and take her out to Morton's afterwards with the grandparents.

Now it's on to finding a job :)  

What. A. Week+. Part 5

Nicholas had his enlistment ceremony for the Marines! 13 June 2018

He won't ship out until 2019, but he's signed on the dotted line, so no backsies...

What. A. Week+. Part 4

Ian ran Trivia Night! 12 June 2018

Roughly every three months we have Trivia Night at the Fieldhouse. This time, my mom, Katherine, and Jonathon, were parceled out to teams.  None of their teams won.  Proof that we don't cheat!

What. A. Week+. Part 3

We hosted a BBQ picnic! 9 June 2018

Mokka made friends with Isabella.

Root beer floats are da'bomb.  Don't use diet root beer.

What. A. Week+. Part 2

Nicholas graduated from Wiesbaden High School! 10 June 2018

The Kurhaus is beautiful.  It's no Jerash, but it'll do.

What. A. Week+. Part 1

The Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup.
It only took 43 years.