Saturday, November 30, 2019

Just like that....

We spent a week in DC, 2 weeks in North Carolina, and almost a week in Virginia.

And now he's gone.

But we had so much fun.

The week in DC we had Katherine visit for a couple days which was fantastic - she drove down to DC. We took Katherine out to Founding Farmers for an awesome lunch. We had dinner, coffee, and lunch with a variety of friends. We looked at 9 apartment complexes. I picked up my passport. We went to a Washington Capitals game.

The time in North Carolina we saw Nicholas for a few days which was fantastic - we picked him up from Jacksonville where he'd just returned from Twentynine Palms. We went to a Fayetteville Marksmen game in Fayetteville and a Carolina Hurricanes game in Raleigh. I applied for a job.  I was offered a job. We had a wonderful long lunch with friends in Greensboro. We caught up on a lot of TV - Killing Eve, The Boys, Derry Girls, and what was out for The Mandalorian - there were a few stormy and blustery days that were perfectly suited for binge-watching. We went out to see "JoJo Rabbit" and "Parasite" at the adorable Cameo Art House Theater and picked up coffee at Rude Awakenings. We visited the Airborne and Special Ops museum. We did an escape room with Nicholas (a good one). We drove down for a weekend in Atlanta with Rebecca which was fantastic, and did another escape room with her (a bad one). We saw the holiday lights at the Botanical Gardens. We visited the Civil Rights Museum and ambled through the German Kriskindlmarkt twice. Becca took us to dinner at Alma Cocina. We had a tour of Tyler Perry studios, her home for the past 6 months.

The time in Virginia we moved into our apartment and received our U.S. storage shipment - boxes packed 7 years ago (and so far from what we've unpacked most will end up donated or tossed). We bought a couch from LoveSac and a few apartment-sized furniture pieces from IKEA. We had dinner with my parents near our apartment. We had Thanksgiving dinner with Katherine, Erich, and my parents at their home, which was fantastic. We brought Katherine to see the apartment and had lunch at Matchbox with her.

And we said goodbye.

You know what? I've been pretty sad the past few days. Yesterday was hard. It's time to make another countdown calendar and time to look at the coming months as an adventure. It'll all be OK, I know this. 

But man, the doing is hard.