Friday, December 13, 2002

Now that it's sinking in....

OK, so we're off to Manila. Our mindset has totally shifted and we have a lot of reading to do, talking to those who have been to or are from the Philippines, and generally exploring our options for housing, schools and travel.

A few perks right off the bat. No malaria drugs (unless we travel far outside the city)! Woohoo! The Philippines are a series of islands so.. beaches! Snorkeling! Scuba Diving! Beaches! Warmth! Beaches! On our way to post, we'll have three days in Honolulu for some last minute training. I don't know if we'll be able to cope with that :) And midway through our tour we have an R&R scheduled. Sadly, the point is Sydney, Australia. Did I say sadly? I'm sorry, that was supposed to be Woohoo!

More to come as we learn the ups and downs of our new home.

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