Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Missing Home

Missing Home – The other day the girls started talking of home. What do they miss most? Katherine had a definite theme. She misses having dessert after lunch at grandpa’s house instead of waiting until after dinner like we do. She misses curling up with grandpa to watch football and she said that grandpa makes everything feel like home. Rebecca misses the waterpark with the crayon sprays near our house. She also misses going to grandma’s house and wishes that grandma could come over for a visit today.

Ian and I were talking one night while sitting on our balcony listening to the rain. We reminisced back to the time we spent in Atlanta and about how quickly the time went. One item that sticks out is the day we missed his Foreign Service exam. He had taken it once in Newport News but hadn’t passed the Oral. This was supposed to be attempt #2 but around noon I had a nagging feeling we’d forgotten something. By that time, it was much too late of course. But looking back, imagine how our lives would have been different. He wouldn’t have been hired by the AP. We wouldn’t have bought our house. And there’s a good chance we wouldn’t have Jonathon. Another baby perhaps, but not this one. Of course, this would have been dependent on him passing all the tests and it might not have happened and we could have just continued on as we did. But imagine what might have been.

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