Monday, June 30, 2003

Welcome to July

1 July 2003 – Welcome to a new month. It’s a good month for us as Ian’s birthday is on Thursday any mine is next week. It’s off to a rough start though.

Yesterday I took Rebecca to the doctor for an earache and general cold symptoms along with an ugly swollen, oozy, blood shot eye. She has strep along with a double ear infection and what looks like pink eye, but the penicillin she’s on now should cure everything well enough. Oddly enough, I think I’ve come down with the same thing but I didn’t get myself cultured when at the clinic. Chalk one up for stupidity. We all have to be better by Thursday as our plan is to go to Enchanted Kingdom, the Philippine response to Disney World. I should probably come up with an alternative indoor plan, just in case.
Friday is the 4th of July, of course and Ian and I are invited to the Embassy function that afternoon. We’re expected to arrive 2 hours early and while he has to go, I do not, so I think I’ll pass. Saturday is the 5th and there’s a picnic at SeaFront.
I thought I’d mention a few lines about the seedy side of Manila life. Most notable is the prevalence of taxi rooms and garage rooms. For P150 (about $3) you can get a garage room for 3 hours. We haven’t quite figured out the specifics, but have come to the conclusion that it’s a rendezvous option that offers a goodly amount of privacy. There are signs for such spots all along EDSA.

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