Thursday, December 18, 2003

Rebecca's first ever report card.

OK, report cards. Semester one is done and on this, the last day, we see where things stand.

The report card is graded differently than I'm used to. An E = Established, meaning that she is consistently meeting and exceeding expectations. A C = Consolidating. She's getting there, but has days where it's out of her grasp. A D= Developing, or the requirements have been set forth but she has consistent troubles meeting them.
Because this is ECLC (knows as Kindergarten in the rest of the civilized world), the homeroom class doesn't give these grades, but comments on each of the areas from Personal Development to Theme Studies. Structure and rules are her guides and as long as she has instruction she is content.
Overall, she's doing well in school with hesitation in writing. She doesn't like making mistakes so writing is a big hurdle, but as she learns that she can correct and rewrite, her abilities are flowering. Art class is not a problem for her. Anyone surprised? P.E. is not a problem either. Here, I'm surprised. I've noticed that she has become much more agile and poweful since school has begun. She'll take more risks on the playground than I imagined, and just today I saw her playing and throw herself bodily into the sandpit. The little princess doesn't mind exerting herself and getting dirty. Who'd have thunk it?
The only area of issue is Music. I guess it's more my issue than anything. I find it amazing that they can grade 5 and 6 year olds on their ability to hold a pitch (the 2 Ds she received) and on whether she can move to a steady beat. OK, I admit, she received Cs in all the rest, but participation. She loves to do all this stuff, but just isn't up to snuff for the teacher. I don't get it, because I hear her singing at home all the time and am amazed at not only how well she follows a tune, but also of how her voice is developing. Perhaps it's a mom's pride getting in the way, but I think she's doing just fine for her age and her personal abilities. I'll try to take it less personally. It is "just" Kindergarten. I mean, ECLC.

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