Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Trying to get all the appointments done.

I don't know how working people do this. How do folks leave the house for 10 hours a day? Today I left at 8:45 and returned home at 6:30. I'm tired.

Jonathon had his 4 year check up this morning at 9:15, and he's grown! Now up to 39 inches and 36 pounds, he's still our itty bitty boy but bigger than I thought. He was prepared for his 3 shots, held my hand, said our Ouch Ouch Ouch mantra (hey, they hurt, no sense sugar-coating immunizations) and didn't cry even for the MMR. Bugs Bunny and Daffy bandages made everything better.
At 10:45 we picked up the rest of the family to drop off Ian at FSI then pick up my mom for lunch at McDs. Ick :)
At 12:45 we went to a playground for a few minutes. The air was heavy and thoroughly unpleasant. Fifteen minutes later with sweat pouring off Nicholas from the oppressive air, we walked down the street to visit with Mrs. Bolognesi, a lady I used to babysit for when I was in high school. The kids especially had a really good time and were well-occupied with coloring and small toys. It helped that Mrs. Bolognesi pumped them full of Whole Fruit popcicles and that she had a fuzzy (if unfriendly) cat.
By 3:30 we were on our way to the dentist again. Yesterday we were there to have Katherine's chipped tooth fixed. An hour and $300 later, she looks good as new. Today was Jonathon and Rebecca's turn. Originally I'd planned to have the boys go together but Rebecca has been having tooth trouble we switched. Jonathon did great with nary a flinch even as she used the sharp utensils. He has a tartar problem, which I knew. Unfortunately, nothing that can be fixed with brushing or flossing or anything easy. He's predisposed to tartar build-up so we'll have to make sure he gets dental checkups as often as possible to get it cleaned off.
Rebecca also had her teeth cleaned. But here's where it gets interesting. She had a sore in her mouth over the weekend, it looked like a canker sore originally, but it has increased in size. Today, it looks bad, almost like a burn on her gum above a baby tooth. She's had some bleeding and complains at night about the pain. The hygeinist took a closer look at her tooth and saw a cavity (no surprise, it's her 3rd). To be sure, they took an xray... she has an abcess! My 7yo daughter has to get a tooth pulled and a placer put in because her teeth are so weak they are rotting from the inside out and causing an infection in her gum!
I'm so frustrated by this. She's in pain now, and she's predisposed to tooth problems which doesn't bode well for the rest of her baby teeth. I'm also concerned about her future adult teeth because we can't get her into the dentist 3 times a year like she should with teeth like this... ack. I just don't know.

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