Wednesday, September 6, 2006

The Hoppers versus the Millipedes

I thought I'd make quick mention of something that's "bugged" us over the past few days. Chennai has an awful lot of millipedes. We see them all over our yard, and they're huge -- like six inches long. We see them inside the house too, but the smaller kind. About 2 inches, and thin, kind of like the worms you'd use for fishing. We have living things all throughout the house.. especially mosquitos, which we kill, and spiders and lizards, which we let alone. But twice now we've found millipedes. If they were on the floor or walls, that'd be one thing. No, they're much more friendly -- in our beds. On our first night, Michele noticed a millipede-sized indentation in my back. I'd been sleeping on one. A couple of nights ago, Michele kept feeling like something was crawling on her.. probably because there was one in her hair. After using Raid on the bedframe before bed last night, we were left alone (we think). So far we've been here six nights, and had millipedes in the bed on two of them. That's only 33%.. so in a three year tour, we'll have to spent just one year of it with millipedes crawling on us!

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