Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Catching Up

Weve been without net access for a while, so here's a rundown of old news...

31 AUGUST 2007 - Pulpectomy
Earlier in the week Jonathon complained about his tooth hurting when he ate. I took a glance and was dumbfounded by the cavity staring back at me. The same tooth on opposite side as his silver cap with a gaping hole. Ian took him to the dentist and they did a freaking root canal, then capped his tooth. For $100. By the end of his adolescence, he's going to look like Jaws from 007.
4 SEPTEMBER 2007 - Prescriptions
I was cleaning up the bedroom a bit and found a prescription for Jonathon on the dresser. An antibiotic for the root canal on Friday. Ian didn't think it was important to tell me about before our trip since the doc had said "only if he got sick in the next day" or so. You'd think the way this kid gets fevers would be enough of a sign that an antibiotic is a given.
5 SEPTERMBER - Disappointment
Katherine didn't make the SAISA swim team. I'm really bummed for her. There's an odd offer though that even though she didn't qualify to swim against other girls in her age group, she could move up and swim in the 15-18 year category. I'm not the only one that thinks it's an uncomfortable compromise. How is that going to benefit the team if she didn't make time to compete against 10-12 year olds? How is that going to benefit her if she lags behind in every heat against kids years ahead and a full head higher than her? What a slap to the ego. And really, what's the purpose of this swim team for Katherine? It's given her a goal of making the SAISA team, get her some exercise and get enjoyment from being part of something bigger. I really would have preferred a Yes or No for the travel team, not this wishy washy potentially negative option they've given her. She wants to go to Sri Lanka and she wants to swim for her school, but it only seems fair to let her do those things when it will be good for the team and for her and I don't see that right now.
I don't want to be the mean mom who says to wait until next year and try again but I do wish her coach had taken that responsibility. I also don't want her to think that if she doesn't go that it's the quitter's choice. But if she does go to Colombo she'll have to intensify her workouts. She's exhausted already. And if she wouldn't do well at the meet, it might just crush her.

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