Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quiet Day

I got a call last night from Ian. He'd made it home from DC and was standing by the Sable, the car he uses to drive to the bus stop and then home again. It wouldn't turn over, instead making that sad *click click click* of a dead battery. Since he'd just driven it that morning, seems the battery just couldn't hold much of a charge anymore.

I picked him up, dropped him at home with the kids and bid them all sayonara for the evening as our in-car GPS led me to Falls Church for a little girl time. I don't think I'll trust that the GPS knows the easiest way to get around familiar roads again. An hour later I picked up Kelly, then we found our way to Gwen's house. The plan was scrapbooking. The actuality was a trip to Dunkin' Donuts, a few pages of scrapping and a lot of chatter about Chennai, TV, movies and the silliness of the scrapping hobby. I made it home about 1 a.m.
As a result, this morning ran little slow, but we did eventually make it out the door to jump the Sable and get the battery replaced. Since one car was in the shop, we took the other across the street for its emissions inspection (and to fill the leaking tire). One step closer to being fully registered, yay. We checked out the Scuba shop at the other corner where Ian is now considering getting a certification (I tell you, the man is easily influenced), stopped in to check out some intermediate flutes at Dale City Music (Katherine thinks the open hole flutes are quite a bit harder, can anyone tell me why they are better, especially for $700 used price on what is a $1600 new flute?), took our blood pressures and heart rates in Giant (for me 113/71, 58bmp), dropped a book off at the library that had just closed then picked up both vehicles and went home.
Rebecca mowed the lawn, I cleared out much of the mess of the lilac bush, nearly 1/3 of the branches were dead and are now gone. We played some Beatles Rock Band. I do indeed rock on the drums. On easy. I tried an intermediate once and failed out 3 times. That time I did not rock. I can't get my right foot and left hand in rhythm. I am sad.
We went to the church fall festival which wasn't much. A handful of very young children's games, plenty of food, a small craft section and a closed silent auction couldn't hold our attention too long. We came home to watch "Soylent Green." That movie did not impress the kids. Katherine guessed the secret, and much of the rest confused them. I think that older movies relied a lot on "this is what we're trying to do, go along with it" rather than trying to have it make sense. Our main character breaks into the heavily guarded waste disposal factory which is actually the soylent green factory by riding on top of a truck, then hopping off in clear view of the truck behind him, and wanders through a pristine, nearly-devoid-of-human-life factory and uncovers the horror, all without being seen because there's simply no one around. He then runs out the same way he came in, by running out into the factory parking lot while the alarms are finally going off, the trucks continue going in and out of the facility without noticing the alarms and no guards show up, he hops in the back of a passing truck who still doesn't notice him and escapes. We all got a bit tired of hearing from each other "But why didn't they....??" This is a classic movie people... roll with it!
Tomorrow night, should we even bother with Terry Gilliam's "Brothers Grimm"? We weren't thrilled with "Time Bandits."

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