Saturday, December 5, 2009

5 December: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I never imagined that we would have snow in December.

A few hours later.

It's been snowing for about 7 hours and is sticking. The roads are slushy, the air is fresh and I rather wish we had a fireplace. The reality is this will be one of the few snow "storms" we'll have this winter and neither heavy snow clothes or a fireplace are necessary, but on a day like today it's nice to bundle up and enjoy the view.

The boys and Rebecca played in the yard. Rebecca built a snowpenguin
The Christmas penguin
and the boys soaked each other with snowballs.
Perfect sticky snow for snowballs.
Katherine disappeared with her friends for an afternoon of sledding at the elementary school, so the rest of the family braved the roads for a quick bite and a venture to the VFW tree sale. They have a covered lot with a roaring fireplace. No snowy Boy Scout lots for us.
Bringing home the Christmas tree.
We brought our tree home and are waiting for it to dry a bit before putting it in the stand. A few other decorations made it up. Tomorrow is Saint Nicholas day, the day he fills the kids' stockings with goodies, so they are ready.
Ready for St. Nicholas on the 6th.
For those in the mid-Atlantic, enjoy the evening warm and cozy!

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