Monday, January 9, 2012

A Much Needed Release

I can be quite mean.

Like stepping outside, quietly returning inside, sidling up to Jonathon with a hushed "throw this at your sister" and having him WALLOP her with a very icy snowball all over her clothes and textbooks. Yeah, she was doing homework.

But there was just too much tension and sadness in the air and with that one little snowball you could feel the crack. Nicholas and I ran outside, pummeling each other. Rebecca tore outside and there was a faceoff in the garage. The cars had the most and the best snow for balls. Together, we turned on Jonathon who stepped out in socks and a tshirt, and his wonderful brother locked the door behind him. Snowballs everywhere.

It lasted maybe 10 minutes total. Our hands were red and frozen. Our clothes and hair were covered in ice crystals. And there was much laughter. Lots of much needed laughter.