Saturday, March 17, 2012

Music and more music.

The past couple months we've seen Rebecca participate in 2/11/12 All District MS Chorus:

2/11/12 - Rebecca
Somewhere in the middle of the pack, showing half a head.

We've seen Nicholas play in the 2/12/12 Youth Orchestra of Prince William Preparatory Orchestra (no video allowed):

2/12/12 - Nicholas YOPW concert

Katherine played with her school 2/16/12 Wind Ensemble:

Katherine after her 3/11/12 YOPW performance (no video allowed):

3/11/12 - Katherine after her performance.

3/11/12 - Katherine after YOPW concert at Hilton Performing Arts Center

Jonathon and Nicholas had a pyramid concert at Saunders Middle on 3/14/12:

Jonathon next to the kid with the blue cello.

Nicholas right in front of the lady with the red hat.

3/14/12 - The boys after their strings concert

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