Friday, May 10, 2013

Looking Back

So I've been going through the blog looking for some specifics I need, which means I'm also spending a lot of time reading old entries that have nothing to do with my search.  Like the one from 28 August 2004 where I posted:

Bubblefly: A flying insect with often colorful wings.
Catterputer: Those little crawly bugs that turn into bubbleflies.
Munty: aka Something.

These were a few shared words between the boys, when Nicholas was 4 1/2 and speaking at about 3 1/2, and Jonathon was 3 years old.

Of the three, two are still in use in our house, though Bubblefly has since mutated to Bubblebye.  Catterputer remains the same.  Munty has sadly disappeared.

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