Friday, June 7, 2013

Long time no write.

Tell me again why I took a "part-time" job?  I'm having a good time, but the balance still isn't there.  Piles of clean clothes have been in the den for a week.  The dishes have collected.  I only make 2-3 dinners a week and the rest of the time is reheatables or delivery or cereal.  I've gotten so very lame.

In this time, some stuff has happened.  Ian joined the school board.  He's not sure what he got himself into.  I finished Gone Girl and decided I didn't like the end.  Still reading Argo and like it much better.

The chorus and band had their last concert.  Here's the choir singing an a capella piece.

And the band played "Edelweiss."  Sorry the video is so bad, we got there late and sat in the back while the band sits on the floor, which never made sense to me.

And riding continues.  They've steadily progressed with trotting, preparing for small jumps, and some cantering.

The baseball season ended with Reese's winning the season 9-1 (remember Nicholas got the only score, a home run, to win the game and the season with a 1-0 game), and tied in the championship with a 5-5 game. Today was the finale, the awards ceremony with medals and photos and gifts from sponsors.

The cats are still alive.  We've rescued 2 kittens in the past few weeks, one as we were walking past Taj Mall and another Becca found near a dumpster.  Both went to the vet for a check-up and adoption.  

And there you have it.  Busy folk leading busy lives. The kids are still in school for a few more weeks but they've already all checked out.  Please, bring on summer.

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