Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's a good thing I waited for a few days

Day one brought me to tears.  Day two brought me to tears.  Day three started with tears.  By day four I was more reasonable.... No tears!  I'm sure there are more in the future though, that's practically guaranteed.

There's been drama.  Day one we saw what appeared to be an engagement breakup, live and in-person on the sidewalk in front of a pub.  Screaming, crying, cursing, it was all there on a Sunday night in sleepy Hungerford as we waited for our food truck dinner.  Yesterday we tried to to get home from Bletchley Park only to have the (one) road blocked by a burning thatch roofed pub fire response.  Ian pled American to get directions rather than just "turn around" and we ended up on yet another one lane farm road, passed a chicken poop fertilizer plant, and came out... Right back on the same road only this time Right At The Fire.  We started over, quickly passing the same cop who initially told us to turn around... Got stuck in an hour's worth of traffic on a narrow two lane road, and followed the GPS home that refused to give us directions using anything but horse cart trails.

Obviously we made it home.  Driving here has been the most difficult part of our trip.  From the fact that the roads at the roundabouts are stupid to the horrible fact that our car barely seats us, much less fits our bags, the wheel is on the right, and it's a manual.  It's a wonder Ian is in as good mood as he is, really.

But here we are anyway, heading off to more historic sites with the kids in tow.  I'll update on what's keeping us busy later.

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