Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Cats Get Their Gifts. Seriously.

Christmas Eve and the cats get gifts.  Santa clearly has a thing for pets over husbands since the three gifts I'm waiting for Ian didn't show. Seventy pound cat tree?  Check.  Small but significant gifts for actual person?  Still waiting.  Hmph.

 Cat tree goes up... Shawarma cat plays in box.  Falafel and Zaytoun cats decide to rip the hanging mice off before we were done building.  See that sad little string hanging there, all mouseless?

Easiest cat tree to put together, ever.  Clear directions in five* quick steps (*each step contained about 5 steps, so... 25 steps? Still easy though, really.)  Handily, the first level lines up right with the radiator and we picked a nice sunny spot with a view of the garden.

Even Tandoori was intrigued.  Not intrigued enough to check it out with all those -other- cats on it, but later on, when the others had departed to other rooms I found him sitting on it and staring out the window.

But guess what.  Huge cat tree with missing mice still doesn't equal the coolness that is the gift from the grandparents... a mechanical "mouse tail" under a little blanket that spins stops and backs up and spins again, and essentially drives the cats nuts.  They love it.

A Very Mewy Christmas to All.


  1. Too cute! A very mewy Christmas indeed! :)

  2. I LOVE the picture of Shawarma in the box peeking at the actual toy. That is classic cat!! Merry Christmas!