Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gone Green... and other ramblings.

We didn't get nearly enough rain or snow in Amman this winter, yet the hills are covered in waving fields of green even so.  It's a lovely sight and I'm drinking it in as the brown and dust and rocky fields will return in the blink of an eye.

You know what I haven't done in a while?  Movies, books, that sort of thing.  Um.  Hrm.  Perhaps there's a reason for that.  

OK.  I'm 1/3 of the way through Unbroken, 1/2 way through Divergent, and just finished The Night Circus. I've started The Fallen Angel and just picked up a bunch of new books from the Embassy library.  I will never get through them all.  Never ever.

Movies, not much.  Saw the "Divergent" movie in the theater.  All the middle school kids had seen it and grumbled afterwards about how it wasn't right.  Now that I'm reading the book I see their point, the differences between the two, but honestly, the changes have been minor so far and don't impact the story. Picky kids.  Last night we ordered "Frozen" on OSN and had family movie night.  Cute movie.  We'll probably end up buying it.

TV shows.  I mentioned we watched Season 1 of "The Americans."  Good show, not for kids.  Just started Season 1 of "True Detective" and though we've only seen 2 episodes we're liking it.  We plowed through Season 1 of  the U.S. "House of Cards" and love Kevin Spacey (the British version is waiting in the wings).  Season 4 "Game of Thrones" is on now, can we just say Wow to episode 2?  Of course we read the books and knew what was coming, but still. Wow. We watched the first season of the Danish-with-subtitles "The Killing."  We've been spoiled with short seasons ("Broadchurch") and really short seasons ("Sherlock") so some of "The Killing" felt like a slogfest, but it was well-acted and still fun to watch.

Now that you're bored to tears with all that info, here is a picture of a camel in the back of a Toyota.

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  1. Did the camel have a flat? Why else would drive it around, lol!?