Friday, July 25, 2014

This shouldn't be happening

During PCS (permanent change of station) season, dreams flood my nights.  Stories of rushing water, fear, heights, loss of people, loss of items, loss of control.  Last night was one of those, a little different than the others (each PCS has common threads), but with the same sense of loss of control.

Last night's involved packing up all out worldly belongings and sending them off, but for our bags in the car.  The car we drove off until... we didn't.  The car was stolen, along with the last of our belongings.  And our household good were lost as well.  We ended up at what felt like the old Seiling house.  They had moved on, yet their home was full of items including closets packed full of clothes, all in order of color.  Jenna has a lot of clothes.  I recall felling panicked about finding a piece to wear, not only to fit but more to not offend Jenna. The rooms had decorations on the walls and furniture on the floor.  Our kids meandered the sprawling villa, pulling out odds and ends, and then the school bus... why it was a school day and the kids had to catch the bus, who knows.

The only problem is we're not PCSing next week. I shouldn't have any worries about this trip, right? It's a month-long mid-tour home leave and we're coming back.

I hope.

No really, things can turn on a dime here and last August we were looking at an authorized departure at Post so...

We hope to see you again, Amman.

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