Friday, July 17, 2015

Blowing WNW

The bid list is coming out soon, I think Ian said August 7.  We're down to counting months left in Amman, which feels like it was a long time coming while at the same time the past 3 years have passed quickly.

I'll have "memories in Amman stories" next year.

For now we continue with daily life of emptying litter pans, getting groceries, cleaning furniture, reading books, packing for a trip.  There's a lot left to do in Jordan, and I hope we can get it done.

What have I done:
Float in Dead Sea
Skydive over Dead Sea
Baptism Site
Climb to the Monastery in Petra
Graduate a high schooler in Jerash
Um Qais ruins
Ajloun Castle and forest
Qasr Amra
Qasr Azraq
Qasr Kharana
Azraq Wetlands
The new church at Mount Nebo
Madaba mosaics
Ma'In Hot Springs
and of course visited Jerusalem

What haven't I done:
Stayed overnight anywhere in Wadi Rum
Hiked any of the wet or dry Wadis
Kerak Castle
Feynan Ecolodge
Dana Reserve

The thing is that we've all done different things here so not everyone is keen on redoing activities even though I haven't done them (insert tiny violins).  Jonathon slept under the stars in Wadi Rum.  Both boys have stayed overnight in Dana then hiked to Feynan and stayed over night there.

We have less than 52 weekends left here.  A number of them are scheduled for out-of-country trips.  Here's hoping we mark off at least one or two of the To Do list, just for me.

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