Thursday, January 28, 2016

A long and winding road

Becca is still... still!... working on getting her driver's license here in Jordan.  Oh yeah, she knows that driving here will be on an as-needed basis because goodness, she'll be unlearning a lot of bad habits when she lands at her next destination, whether it's the U.S., England, or Germany.

But in the meantime she's taken on the task of getting a legal license.  Driving here doesn't occur until 18 years of age. After turning 18, it takes a minimum of 20 hours of road-driving with an instructor followed by a computer test of road rules, and then the driving test on the course.  Or a driving test to get falafel from the nearest shop.  It depends on the test instructor and what they feel like asking the student.

She's nearly done with her 20 hours and sat for her first computer test.

She failed.


How could she have failed??

She'll go in for attempt two in a week or two.  And if you're wondering, these are from her practice book.  Yes, there's a practice book.

If you can believe it, she said the actual test was even more impenetrable.

She's got guts, that one.


  1. "Walter mg alcohol in one eye of the soul" --- brilliant! When she does pass this exam she will not only have the right to drive there, but will most likely also possess the ability to prophesy!

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