Monday, April 25, 2016

The list is made.

And in an Excel sheet to keep it alterable.

Date         Location/Activity
25-Apr House review
26-Apr High Tea - farewell at CMR
26-Apr BASEBALL  practice @ 4
27-Apr Nicholas Physical
28-Apr Last day work - M

29-Apr Friend's Birthday
29-Apr BASEBALL game
30-Apr PeepORama Contest
3-May BASEBALL practice @ 4

4-6 May Yard Sale Prep
7-May Yard Sale
9-12 May SOFEX
10-May BASEBALL practice @ 4

13-May BASEBALL game

22-May Packout Survey
22-May MGT Farewell
26-May M&N to Zaha
28-May Cats picked up by Judith

Packout Prep
29-May Packout Day 1
30-May Packout Day 2
3-Jun Last baseball game
5-Jun Ian going away @ CMR
8-Jun Last day school

The list is actually about twice as long, but involves travel and dates, and you know how that is. My mom's visit is in there as well, and we have our summer mostly planned out. There's another column with all the flight details, places we're staying, packing reminders, summer camp information, etc. That's all best kept with me rather than in the blogosphere, but it's pulled together and I can rest easier.  My pile for the yard sale is coming together. My UAB pile is growing. I'm thinking about the things to mark for storage (*silent weeping* you know that Europe housing is quit a bit smaller that the 3-stories and 5 bedrooms we have now - we also know that it's the personal furniture and other camouflage that make our Drexel houses our homes... but there's no returning furniture in Frankfurt).

Game on.

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