Thursday, May 5, 2016

For Sale

Folks, we're really trying to sell our car. So if you know someone in Amman looking for a great family car, or someone coming to Amman looking for the same, give us a holler!

2008 Dodge Durango SUV, Duty Unpaid, ~65K miles, red exterior/tan interior, 5 CD changer, sun roof, high clearance, automatic, power windows and side mirrors, rear window wiper, foldable 3rd row for tons of trunk storage, roof rack. Outlets in 2nd and 3rd row for charging Gameboys and laptops. Remote keyless power door locks.

Bought in Amman from previous Embassy employee, great car with V6 engine has the power to handle hills, snow, and more. Pre-nicked so you never have to worry about Amman traffic and parking.
Contact Ian at with any questions.

Available 9 June 2016

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