Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hello new (high) school year

And so it begins. Both boys are relatively settled into the new year of high school.

Along with reports of AJROTC class and Psychology research, walking the track at PE and an all day Field Day, we're back to the chats about dress codes and varying expectations. For example, this came home in an FIS email:

The issue of dress is particularly challenging for us at the moment as the summer weather has finally arrived and a number of students feel the only way to keep cool is to wear shorts that in some cases are shorter than underwear! We really would appreciate your help in ensuring that your daughter (doesn’t seem to be a problem with boys!) sets out for school in shorts or skirts that are at least as long as the first finger, and tops that cover the upper part of the body appropriately. Please read the Expectations and Consequences document regarding Dress Code with your daughter and help us enforce this. The document was actually developed and written by students, which I fully supported with one exception – students wanted the length of shorts/skirts to be to the thumb. I vetoed this as being too short, but compromised by changing the prior rule from length of middle finger to length of first finger.

With this portion from the Expectations and Consequences:

Members of the student council agreed upon the following expectations
(with the exception of dress length - administration have changed this from ‘as long a
thumb’ to as long as forefinger - first finger on hand)

● Skirts, shorts and dresses or kilt must reach the end of the student’s extended
● The neckline (front and back) of clothing must not be deeper than the student’s
armpits, or expose a cleavage.
● Midriff must not be exposed.
● Shirt and dress straps must be at least as wide as 2 of the student’s fingers.
● Underwear should not be visible. (under sheer clothing, through armholes, the
back, above waist, or otherwise)
● Inappropriate wording or images must not appear on clothing (references to
drugs, sexuality, racism, violence etc)
● Jeans must have no rips above the extended forefinger
● No hats are to be worn indoors.
● Tights are not to be worn without covering (e.g shorts or skirt) but Leggings are
permitted (leggings are not transparent and do not cover feet).

Three of those items can also extend to boys, but all apply to the girls.

Yesterday WHS talked with the kids about dress code as well... no sleeveless shirts for girls, boys are fine as long as it doesn't have anything profrane/drug-related/etc. I'm relieved that Nicholas saw the stupidity in that as well. If there's no sleeveless for girls, then no sleeveless for boys.  Simple enough in our eyes.

Perhaps every school should go to uniforms (yes, please!). Or better yet, the schools should take on the clothing manufacturers. The girls are held accountable for what's available to them in every Target, Old Navy, Gap, and C&A. The same stores that sell perfectly acceptable boys' clothing sell everything mini, torn, and sheer to girls.

Fix that, and then we'll talk about appropriate clothing for all our students.

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