Monday, June 5, 2017

Need I say more?

They're all home!

It's fabulous to have both girls home, with both boys, and both parents.  It's not going to happen much this summer, so I'll take it when it's on!

Ian returned home from his trip to Cameroon on Saturday morning, and Rebecca arrived home from Savannah the same morning.  That evening, Becca and Nicholas went off to Nicholas's junior/senior prom.

Aren't they cute?

Sunday we ran some errands and watched "Get Out" in the evening. Excellent film. I encourage folks to watch it.

Today being a Monday holiday (except for Nicholas), we ventured out to Rebstockbad swimming hole.  Germans love to swim and go to the spa, sit in saunas, steam away their worries.  Rebstockbad is a cross between the typical German swimming spot and a water park for kids.  It's not a place we would spend a day at, nor is it just boring lap lanes. But it was fun for a couple hours of slides, high dives, wave pool, and next time we'll go on a US holiday so there aren't quite so many little people.

We followed swimming with bowling where Nicholas showed everyone up.

Unfortunately, there's work tomorrow.  I like May and June, so many 4-day work weeks. I guess it means we do have to go.

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