Sunday, November 4, 2018

Kent and Essex

Those are great pet names.

OK, fine...

In June we did a quick hop to England with Jonathon.  Thanks to his school counselor who chatted with him about what he was interested in studying in university, she recommended that he check out both the University of Essex and the University of Sussex.  We looked them up online, thought they were interesting, and book some flights. 

We stayed in Rochester, roughly half-way between the two, rented an airbnb type place, picked up Rebecca at Heathrow (flew in from the U.S.) and visited the two schools. Essex had their Open Day which was great and I think Jonathon got a good sense of life at school there.  We sat in on a talk with one of the computer science instructors, saw a computer lab and the robotics lab, and just enjoyed the day seeing some dorms, eating some food, and wandering about.  The University of Sussex wasn't having an Open Day, but we did visit the campus.  It feels a little older and smaller, but it is close to Brighton Beach where we spent the afternoon.

The application process is different both in content and in timing, so should he apply there,  he won't do it until roughly when U.S. decisions need to be made... around April.  In the meantime, he applied early action to a school already and we'll hopefully hear back in mid-December on that.  Cross your fingers.

Rochester is lovely.

We recommend the Deaf Cat Cafe.

Low tide.

Lovely place to stay.

We passed on the jellied eels.

Selfie at Brighton Beach!

University of Essex

A tradition started in Ireland.

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