Sunday, January 13, 2019

The week starting the day after Christmas was hard...

On December 26, this one went home to Maryland - to her apartment, her new car, her SO, her job.

She won't be back to Germany, but we'll get to see her in April and/or June.

Then on January 2, these two went to Georgia.  It was a long hard trip, Mokka had to be at the airport on December 31 and the pet shippers had everything arranged for her to fly out early on the 2nd.

Then on January 3, this one shipped out to Boston to get over jetlag and in-process at MEPS. He spent Thurs-Mon at the hotel, and Saturday afternoon he spent with our awesome friend Jerry and his kids at the aquarium, then caught a Bruins game in the evening. He was glad he didn't bring a jersey.

To say the house is super quiet now is an understatement. I knew this holiday season would be different - this year would be different - and so far it hasn't disappointed.

Jonathon is going to have far too much parent time....

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