Monday, December 30, 2019

Clearly I haven't done my Word for the Year in a while...

But as a refresher:
2012: GO
2014: CHANGE

I used to choose a word that I'd try to hold on to for the year, to inspire, to guide, and push me into doing things I wouldn't normally do. I intentionally picked words that had multiple interpretations and could be molded to whatever might come along. I guess I forgot to keep it going in Frankfurt, but here I am, ringing in the new year tonight with a whole year coming up and so much change, again.

I'll create it somehow to put on a wall or door or mirror so it's always annoyingly there reminding me that I have goals. Or at least a goal. Just one goal I can focus on for the year that's for me. I sometimes explain it, and sometimes I don't.

It's time to choose.

For 2020: PACE

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