Monday, January 27, 2003

The Black Hole

How do these things disappear? Yesterday it was Nicholas's blanket, which we still haven't found. And today my checkbook that was right on my nightstand no longer exists. How does this happen? Thankfully Katherine's other tennis shoe finally appeared, after going missing for nearly a week.

My current issue, should we ever get landlord insurance so that the papers can be sent out to the propery manager so we can finally get the rental process going, is how on earth I'm going to keep this house neat for potential renter viewings. I tried it last week and it did nothing but drive me nuts. I know the only true way to keep the house presentable is to not be here, but 8 hours a day every day is going to be tough to fill with errands. What to do.

Yes, I've been on the computer a lot today. On Saturday we're going skiing with Jerry and Julie and Jeff, so I was checking up on Ski Liberty and Massanutten. This will be Rebecca's first time on skis. It should be amusing, to say the least. Jeff and Jerry will be taking lessons as well. Hee. I'm wondering though if it wouldn't be worth just going tubing like Julie suggested. Sounds like fun.

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