Monday, January 27, 2003

More stuff done

My my my I'm chatty today.

I've called the chimney sweep and although they didn't have the one requirement by Ian's standards (an outrageous cockney accent), I saw their truck down our street last week, so I know they're doing actual business on our road. I also called the carpet cleaner and scheduled a chem-dry cleaning for the whole house. I also called a couple maid services to come in and clean the kitchen and bathrooms once the house is packed and empty. This is totally new territory for me, but I figure anything they do beyond what I've already done by then has to be good, right?

Now if only I could get landlord insurance for this blasted house. I called again and wouldn't you know their computers are down *weep* I'm waiting on this litle piece of information before sending in the papers to the property manager. I guess I could send it without but I really wanted it to be out of the way beforehand.

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