Sunday, April 20, 2003

April 20th, 2003 - Happy Birthday, Nicholas!

Saturday & Sunday, April 19th – April 20th: Can anyone tell me what April 20th is? OK, this year it’s Easter Sunday, true, but it’s also the day that Nicholas has his big third birthday. That’s right, he’s three years old! And he gets to celebrate with all the fanfare of Easter.

In our case, that means church, an Easter egg hunt, presents and of course a cake. Saturday was a busy day. We spent a good deal of time marching from one bakery to another desperately hoping to find a Star Wars Jedi cake that could be make and even delivered, oh by the next day. Well, I think even we found our limit with the status quo of immediate satisfaction! Several places wouldn’t be able to do it by the next day, and only one place had any form of Star Wars and none with a Jedi. Arg. OK, this will teach me to avoid leaving anything to the last minute, especially during Holy Week. Happily, Nicholas decided he would like a Spiderman cake, and Goldilocks bakery could do it in a day, so with our fingers crossed we put in our order and Ian would pick it up Sunday afternoon.
I needn’t have worried because it all worked out beautifully. After a miserable time at church (Nicholas had a meltdown over part of a granola bar. Remember, he’s 3) we had omelets for lunch and then nap time. After naps was the Easter egg hunt in out living room with plastic eggs filled with gummy worms, then birthday cake. The cake was great. I mean really good! Very light chocolate cake with layers of chocolate chips and marshmallows all covered in an extremely light marshmallow/meringue frosting. There will be pictures up on his page when we get our PC. Which reminds me, apparently there was a dock strike in California a few weeks ago? Folks who’d left the month before us still don’t have their HHE, so it really is all a guessing game when we might get ours.
OK, so after the cake and ice cream where Ian gave the kids gigantic pieces that none of them could finish though I didn’t have any problem at all with mine, we hopped next door to the playground. The bug scope had been recovered from the depths of the living room couch, so it came along, holding the favorite examinee for the day, a dried up lizard. Oh, it’s only a couple inches long and I’m pretty sure it died of a heart attack when we found in the corner of the girls room, but it looked pretty cool up close. I took a ton of pictures of Nicholas and those will be put up as well.. when we get the PC.
Home again and we wrapped up the day with present opening where the girls both gave him homemade cards with boxes harboring jelly beans. I think the beans disappeared before the box hit the chair. Then he opened our gift which he already knew about since we’d bought it in the States. A 400piece Lincoln Log knock-off set. Now all we need is a set of little plastic horses and they’ll be set. He’s received a Blue’s Clues birthday card from grandma and grandpa earlier in the week but only opened it this morning and thought it was the coolest thing.
All in all, it was a good day for him. All last week we would ask him how old he was and he’d hold up 2 fingers. Then we’d ask him what Sunday was.. his Bufday! And he’s work diligently to hold up 3 fingers. It was funny because Saturday morning when he woke up and came over and stood on the couch saying he was 3 already. When I reminded him that his birthday was still a day away he stretched up tall and said “Me bih boy! Me Eee!” And you know, he does look every bit his age.

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