Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Jonathon, April 20th, 2003 - Growing Up

Jonathon – April 20th: He’s finally cut another tooth, so he’s up to 13 with a single incisor. And he’s putting 2-3 words together.

Jonathon is still nursing (yes, still!) but it’s reaching a point where I question if he’s being cute or annoying. He asks to nurse which doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would, and often I thinks it’s cute with a finger point to a chair or couch, but I do not tolerate him getting upset if I tell him to wait, or if he starts tugging on my shirt. But there’s such a fine line between one and the other that it’s hard to teach him which parts are OK.
He also has a nasty yeast infection. I’m going to be ordering some tea tree oil to disinfect his diapers or maybe I’ll have some luck in the local “health” stores, and I’ll need to find some monistat cream for his bottom so we can get rid of this entirely. It always starts off looking like a diaper rash, but rapidly descends to the misery of a yeast rash. I’m hoping the sun, which we have plenty of, will help disinfect as well as the regular vinegar rinses I the wash. Cross your fingers. Oh, I did do a weird thing that I don’t think will have any negative side effect. I crushed up some acidopholus pills and sprinkled the powder on his butt. I figure if you can eat it, putting it on the skin won’t hurt any. Right?
Something else I’ve found with cloth diapering is that his clothes still fit him fine. I’d heard so many stories of folks fretting about none of the clothes fitting anymore and I really haven’t had that problem at all. There are some pants that don’t, but for most changing his diapers didn’t have much of an effect on his clothes, and I’m pleased with that. One more thing.. my favorite diaper on him is the Map of the Philippines Hippobottomus diaper (http://www/ with a matching orange fleece cover. I’m not joking about the name. Kyla has excellent workmanship and the fit is amazing on both pieces. Check her out.
Let’s see what is he up to. He can climb the ladders at the playground on his own and loves to go down the big bumpy and twisty slides. He likes Raisin Bran which is good because of his low iron issues. A serving is 60% for an adult. He loves to swim. The Seafront compound has the Embassy pool. A large one for laps and big people. A little one that is 2 feet deep throughout. Perfect for Nicholas to swim, for fraidy cat Rebecca to splash in and just right for Jonathon to stand in by himself. He was in heaven. I have photos, but no PC yet. When we do get the PC, be prepared for an onslaught of new pictures.
April 23rd: He seems to have been bitten by some other nasty critter. Earlier in the month he got hard raised bumps on his arms, now he has large red hot marks on his legs. He doesn’t say they hurt, but they look painful to me and my best guess is that one time while sitting on the ground, some ants got to him. Poor baby. We’re taking Nicholas to the doctor on Friday for his 3yr check-up and I’ll ask the doctor about the bumps then.

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