Friday, July 11, 2003

Odds and Ends

How many times does a mom of 4 get asked "So, how do you stay so sexy?" by a complete stranger in a bakery? OK, I acknowledge that this was most likely a badly chosen word on the part of the speaker, but even so, it was enough to make me stop and look like a moron for a moment before answering that I just don't have time to sit and eat very often. But goodness, Ian doesn't let me live that one down.

Katherine has lost all 4 top front teeth. I don't know how she manages to eat, but thankfully three adult teeth are already visible. Now one of the lower teeth is loose. The tooth fairy neglected to leave a coin one evening which caused a bit of trouble. I told her that the fairy most likely didn't want to come to a house that was a den of germs. She retorted that the fairy should just wear a face mask like all the people in the Philippines do. Well, touche my dear!

Nicholas made a picture at camp this week and on the back was his name. He was very proud of it and showed it to me right away. When I asked him what it said on the back I fully expected to hear "Dihdis!" but instead I heard his version of "I love you so much, Mommy!" Oh, man. What a sweetheart.

Jonathon has managed to get himself sick. I was so hoping he wouldn't, but here he is with an on/off low-grade fever all week and at the clinic today the nurse said it looks like he's getting an ear infection. This morning his eyes were red and getting goopy just like big brother's were before. I now have amoxicillin on hand in case the infection does flare up over the weekend. We'll be going back to the clinic on Monday to check on the ears.

Rebecca's reading is getting much better. She's sounding out words, but still gets stuck if what she sounds out doesn't sound like a word she knows. It's frustrating because she can't extrapolate ("Well, what word could it be, within the sentence?") but overall she's well.

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