Thursday, July 31, 2003

Camp Critters Final Field Trip (and other stuff)

Today was the final field trip this summer and we went south to the border of Cavite and Las Pinas (one day I'll learn how to put accents over letters), to the SM Southmall. We went ice skating, had some lunch and then went to the indoor amusement park, Storyland.

Ice skating was a blast. I had no intention of skating because of Jonathon, but lo and behold, they had skates his size. Wow, those were small. So I skated with him between my feet and he seemed to have a great time, though I don't think my back will forgive me for a while. Nicholas tried to skate, had a couple instructors helping him, but he spent more time off the ice than on. He'd try for a bit, then get off and start undoing his laces. An instructor would come by and tie up his laces and he'd be on the ice again fo a bit, then back on the bench taking off his skates. Several more times later and I finally helped him give back the skates and regain his land legs. He tried, I'll give him that. He was much like Rebecca on her first try at 3 years old. The rink was pretty lousy too. I have no idea what the base was, but a layer of white rocks were visible and puddles of water were all over the surface. Katherine did really well, Rebecca stuck to the side but enjoyed herself
Then came lunch. I left ours on the bus. Packed lunch for us includes a 1/2 sized cooler, so lugging it around was not an option. Oh well, we were eating in a food court so rather than getting McDo or another sane option, I went vegetarian. "Meat" on a stick, some rice and soup. Yes, our first experience with tofu. It smelled good, but the texture was -far- from meatlike and the taste was barely passable. Ack. Rebecca ate all of hers. Katherine made a good dent, Nicholas took some bites and Jonathon wouldn't go near it. I agreed with Jonathon.
Storyland! An indoor mall wonderland for kids, with its own roller coaster. By 1 p.m. Jonathon was worn out, but we were here for the duration, so on the rides we went. Typical carnival fare with rides that went in circles, bumper cars, a track car ride, and all the carnival games. We stuck to the rides, and aside from the track ride, Jonathon hated them all. Nicholas insisted on riding the roller coaster (which the girls loved) and screamed for me the the entire time. Well, I'd picked the second car, he picked the 2nd from last car, and Rebecca was in the last one. We were the only ones on it and he had no idea what he was getting into. So... why then did he go again? Sure he insisted that I sit with him but he still cowered the entire time repeating it was too scary. Silly boy.
On the bus ride home, Jonathon finally fell asleep and we've done nothing with the remaining few hours of the afternoon and evening. We did hang around Seafront for a few extra minutes to pick up Ian from the medical unit (immunizations, whee!) so he wouldn't have to take a cab home.
Yesterday the kids all got the last Hep A shot, but couldn't get their TB tests done since it was Thursday and they couldn't check them on Sunday. You know, I wish they'd pick a process. Every time we get the TB test done it's different with some places saying you can check yourself, some saying the same nurse has to check you, some saying you can go to a different office and any medical person can check. Just pick one! Anyhow, we all get the TB test on Monday instead. Yay, another trip to Seafront.
The clinic has also ordered a bunch of Japanese Encephalitis innoculations and are recommending them to everyone. I asked why since when we got prepped for coming here, it was only recommended if you were going out into the provinces. I didn't get a clear answer and I figure if no one gets sick, we'll just avoid the clinic for a while. Immature, I know. Ian had his check-up for flight school and his EKG came back irregular so he'll have a repeat done next Friday.
We talked again about out trip back home in 2005, and I came up with (don't let Ian tell you different) a great idea. Rather than flying over the ocean and the entire continental U.S., how about we cross the ocean, land in Seattle and drive the rest of the way? Ponder that a bit.

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