Thursday, June 3, 2004

Saturday and yet more parties, but Sunday was quiet.

While the girls were off to a birthday party for Rebecca's classmate Ryan (whose sister Tierney is in Katherine's class), we got ready to take the boys to a preschool classmates birthday party at Seafront. Was that confusing enough?

Steven Lee was turning 3, so we attended his party on Saturday. Jonathon wouldn't take a nap so I feared the worst but he hung in there for the moonbounce, balloon animals and bubble show. Either the balloons were weak or the grass extra prickly, but not an animal survived touching the ground, which made it really difficult when the balloon guy switched from animals to swords. Every time a kid swiped downward, *pop*. At least they kept busy though. The bubble show was new to me. An inflatable swimming pool filled with bubble solution, a fan and giant bubble wands was all it took for the show to be a hit and kids to be covered in slippery wetness. I have photos, I'll try to get some up.
For the adults there was a Mongolian barbeque which, besides the flies, was really excellent. For the clueless (like myself) it's bowls of rice vegetables and raw meats that you pile into your own bowl at the rate you choose, pour in some sauces (chili, teriyaki, soy, etc) then bring it to a giant wok where it's cooked up in three minutes or less. Yummy and to taste, can't beat that.
The boys had a great time and mom and I sat back and watched. There were quite a few adults present but the topics discussed weren't always appropriate for a child's birthday party, so we basically hung out together. Ian arrived later with the girls who had finally returned from the club party. Something like the Orchard Club? I didn't catch the name but it sounded like they had fun swimming and playing pool.
Jonathon was thoroughly exhausted by the end of it all and fell asleep on the way home. The rest of them were completely ready to hit the sack too. Come to think of it, we all were. Attending parties can be so tiring. Sympathy please.
Sunday I had every intention of getting everyone out the door at 7 a.m. to plant flags at the American Cemetery for Memorial Day. Jonathon, grandma and I were the only ones awake, everyone else slept and slept and I felt really bad that we didn't help out. Thinking back, the 3 of us should just have gone ourselves and done our patriotic duty.
The coming week would be the final week of school for the girls and that's always a busy time wrapping up and switching gears. So we had church and then a quiet afternoon, something we all desperately needed.

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