Sunday, February 13, 2005

A Perfect Sunday

We had our last Mass at San Antonio parish. It was nothing special but the visiting priest could be understood and that counts for a lot here. Following Mass we stopped for a few minutes at Greenhills and bought an assortment of necklaces for pasalubong. Then it was off to lunch at Greenbelt's Bubba Gump and a final movie. Today's fare was "The Phantom of the Opera". Visually wonderful and of couse I love the music. It was very much like watching the stage version on the silverscreen. A show that didn't completely change when adapted for film, amazing! The only issues we had with it were the two leads. The phantom didn't carry the imposing stature or the amazing tenor voice he should have. Christine didn't have the the spark that would induce the phantom to go to such lengths for her. But putting aside those two things, it really was wonderful. The kids thought it a bit long and couldn't understand why the Phantom wasn't really a bad guy. They all gave it a thumbs up anyhow. I can't wait to buy it on DVD.

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