Wednesday, February 9, 2005

We're home today.

It's 10a.m. and I took Jonathon's underarm temperature. 40C isn't good axillary, it converts to 104F. But adding the extra 1 to 1.8 degrees to get an "actual" temp means he is extremely hot. He's a bit lethargic, but still up, drinking water and watching TV. I'm glad today was a scheduled Stay Home day to do the last of the cleaning up and suitcase packing along with a trip to ISM. The housekeeper is here so Jonathon can stay home and nap this afternoon while Nicholas and I are out.


Now at 4:30, after his fever being controlled by Motrin most of the day, it has shot up again to 40.6C orally, which equals 105F. I'd wanted to let the fever run its course for a bit, but that's plain too hot for anyone. He's going to get another dose of Motrin now instead of waiting until bedtime. While his head and chest are burning up, his hands are feet are cool to the touch. I wish I knew what was going on with him besides yet another virus. Fevers are so general, alone they are indicative of nothing but "illness".

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