Saturday, February 4, 2006

It's been a heck of a couple weeks.

There's a lot going on here. Nothing earth-shattering, which is a relief, but our little family has been through a rough time and next week will be something new for all of us again.

The school: Two weeks ago was the worst week we'd had all school year. This week was considerably better. After a couple meetings and some creative thinking, the French teacher is trying to teach our children useful FSL information. The issues with the music teacher have been resolved. He was fired. Currently there is no music program. There are still other issues to be resolved, but we're not sure where to go with them. Perhaps we should let the rest of the year pass and start fresh in the fall.
Work in the library continues. We've moved the table in the junior room and placed a carpet on the floor with cushions adjacent to the low book shelves. It has become an inviting, slightly more comfortable place that welcomes children. They take off their shoes, curl on a cushion and instinctively stay quiet. New fans have been purchased by the school, so the temperature in the junior room is finally pleasant as well.
I've started volunteering in Rebecca and Nicholas's literacy time each morning. Suddenly I'm not home much anymore.
Health: Last week we had our house and yard sprayed. Sable managed to ingest enough to get poisoned. The vet came by right away and gave her an injection, then returned in the evening to explain her meds. Thankfully she is doing much much better.
I came down with a cold on Monday. By Thursday my voice was entirely gone. I hope to be completely better by this Monday, but I think some medication will play a greater role in how I feel than actual germ eradication. Thankfully Nicholas only had a day of feeling under the weather.
Katherine's neck is all better from her fall on the monkey bars. There is a low set of bars suitable for climbing not swinging, and while Katherine was walking over them her footing slipped and her arms flailed landing her neck directly on a bar. The RMO was in town and checked her over but pronounced her OK. At that same visit, I had a second opinion about a questionable spot on my skin. He concurred that it was something that warranted concern and a medevac has been scheduled.
Next week: I won't be in town. Monday I head to Accra, Ghana to catch a flight to London and see a specialist. A true blessing, my mom will meet me there. Not that London is a big scary place, but we all know that sometimes you really want Mom. My family will be here, Ian will work shortened hours to accommodate the school schedule and I'll be back next Saturday.
Take care all.

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