Monday, February 27, 2006

We're off and running on another week.

After quite a pleasant weekend at home, we're into another week.

Encyclopedias for the library have been purchased through ebay and are on their way. It's a 2004 World Book set which will update our references about 10 years. I do wish the decision had been made months ago, several classes are currently assigned research projects, but I can only be thankful that it has been done.
The questionable PPD was read by another doctor, and a chest xray gave a clean bill of health to the teacher.
R&R plans are coming along. We have our flight reservations and three of the four hotel reservations we need.
This is as good a place to ask because otherwise I'll go by what's in the Lonely Planet guides... anyone have a hotel recommendation for a family of 6 in Riga, Latvia? Also, since we're traveling between countries we don't want to rent a car and nothing I've read encourages the use of the trains. The ecolines and eurolines buses seem to be a great way to travel through the Baltics. Anyone have any experience with them?
I'm starting to get excited :)

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