Monday, July 3, 2006


My dream last night: Lost in high school once again, looking for classes, wandering the halls. I came upon the drama ticket sales booth and asked where to get my class list. Wonder of wonders, it existed. Clear, concise, and included downhill skiing (that should tell you something right there... not swimming or soccer or hiking... downhill skiing, a sport that invigorates yet frightens me). I followed the list without getting lost. Part of my dream involved discovering small treasures which would, in the future, lead to a small financial bonus. No more stress, I woke feeling competent and sure that there is a plan for us, even if it is long in coming. We realized, or maybe we knew but just didn't want to think about it, that we've lost the entire month of June for planning purposes. Here we are, in July, with our curtailment process stuck somewhere back in May. And we wait.

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