Tuesday, July 4, 2006


Amazing. 119th minute and 121st minute goals drop Germany from the running from the World Cup. Italy made two -amazing- shots in the last minutes of the last overtime. I guess they'd heard how well Germany does in shoot-outs, and Germany was almost playing just to keep the Italians at bay at the end of the OT, just to reach the shoot-out stage. But a record had to be broken... Germany had never lost in that field and Germany had never beaten Italy. I wasn't exactly rooting for Italy, seeing as they ousted U.S. from the running, but they played a really great match.

They go on to face the winner of the France-Portugal, playing tomorrow.

So today is the 4th of July, we wish everyone a wonderful celebration of our nation's independence! Last year this time, we were in our nation's capital watching the parade, checking out the Smithsonian Folklife Festival and picnicking on the Capitol grounds for the Capitol Fourth concert, all while spending the day with my parents and grandmother.
This year was a little different, but as we sent Katherine off to bed she parted with "This was the best 4th of July." Now, I'm sure that it's because it -was- a good day with swimming, playing, a living room full of company and loads of yummy food, but I am also glad that she is so Present.
Unfortunately, it's what makes moving so hard for her, or change in any form.
A couple weeks ago we tossed out the inquiry (that if the opportunity should arise) would she want her own room? Nope. Well, maybe. She didn't know. Could she try it out and change her mind? Could she visit Rebecca and play in Rebecca's room?
She was miserable when we moved from Virginia to the Philippines. Read back through the logs, you can read it in my posts. She didn't want to leave the Philippines, though she was excited to go to Virginia and see snow and her grandparents. She -really- didn't want to leave the cats behind, and with 20/20 hindsight I can say I regret leaving them (ok, just one of them). She didn't want to leave Virginia to go to Togo. Now with a potential move again, she doesn't want to leave Togo. Well, she does, but it's so hard for her to let go of what she has now.
This evening, it was the dog issue. Someone here at post has expressed an interest in adopting her if we depart this summer and we discussed it in greater detail during dinner. Katherine came out from her bedroom worked up over leaving Sable behind, more over Sable's attachment to us and how much she'll miss us. For all you pet advocates, I realize the pack mentality and the required owner commitment to animals. But also please realize that we (ok, I) am a foster pet owner. We have adopted animals that were in desperate need of a good home, a good start in life. We give them that when their futures would otherwise be in doubt. Then we adopt them back out to people we know will continue to treat them well for the duration. It's win-win for everyone, even with a hard adjustment.
Yes, it's hard for her to let go. I completely understand. It's how I've always been too, that no matter what great things are coming up or how wonderful things might be There, I'm burrowed into the Here. Katherine is my mini-me. Change is a 4-letter word for both of us.

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