Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ian's Discovery

Periodically we check the stats on this website. You know, how many folks are visiting, where from, most popular referrals, etc. Periodically we get an odd site linking to ours and Ian checks it out to see what's going on.

This week's prize goes to Tawnya at
We would write to her, but not having myspace accounts we can't contact her directly and we're not going to create accounts just for this. Anyway, the reason we'd like to say Hello and Howzitgoin is that Tawnya is using an old gingerbread house photo from our site as her holiday background. While that's cool and all, please do us the common courtesy of noting on YOUR site where the image came from, or heck, just link to our site. That seems fair, doesn't it?
What's also annoying is she has linked her background directly from our site, thereby using our bandwidth to decorate her corner of the web. That's not cool either.
So folks out there who think it's easier that way, it's also not proper web etiquette. We're a little stretched for bandwidth as it is, and having folks leeching off it is, well, annoying.
That's your public service announcement for the day.
Just because something is easy to do, doesn't make it right.
(Oh, and slightly offf topic but not totally, Ian wants to say that the same goes for pirated software. Not cool people, not cool. Get the real thing. Just because it's easy and plentiful doesn't make it right.)

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