Saturday, December 9, 2006

Merry Early Christmas

Some gifts are so good, they practically demand to be opened early. Gobs of complaining about the current state of affairs doesn't hurt either. This year, I was the lucky recipient of an early gift. Office:Mac.

Until now I've been using OpenOffice on our Mac. It professes to accomplish the same tasks as Word, but, well, doesn't. Since I write a lot of text documents I need to do such basic things as cutting and pasting from one document/application to another. Text is not always printed in the same font, so making the information uniform was also top of my list. Our version of OpenOffice would do neither. Blog entries posted directly to the website could not then be cut and pasted to a text document for back-up (trust me, I tried). Inserting a symbol into a document (say, an 'e' with an accent over it) would pop up in a different font, but the original document font was nowhere in the drop down box of font options. Such basic requirements were driving me more than a little batty.

So now I'm the proud and very satisfied owner of Microsoft's Office for Mac. It does what I ask it to do without complaining, and maybe I can get some long awaited projects out the door.

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