Sunday, July 1, 2007

Rough Start to the Week

Mass this morning for Christ the King...

The English service at noon was changed from the Basilica to the school chapel next door. Not a problem, except that no one had planned for the two hour Malayalam mass that started at 11 and went completely over the noon time service. So folks waiting around were gathered and brought to the chapel, a much simpler and more pleasant place than the Basilica. There's not enough parking at the Basilica for one normal mass, so having a marathon service followed by a processional around the building, coupled with a regular mass immediately next door (with no parking of its own), led to a worse than normal disaster of a parking lot.
We left mass to find someone squeezing and scraping their way past our car, spot us (as I ran up to say that was -our- car they were hitting) and start screaming at us how they'd had to sit there for an hour and how we were blocking 10 cars. One guy walked up to Ian yelling at him about it too, which found us yelling back at everyone asking where the heck we were supposed to park? Yeah, we were blocking cars. Everyone was blocking cars. The guys pulling out had been blocking 10 cars themselves. We moved a couple feet forward to let them out without further damage to our car, then saw (duh!) there was no where else to go. Three cars in front of us facing the outside chapel and the ocean, more than a dozen cars perpendicular to us along church buildings and a number behind us preventing any form of backing up. And if no one noticed, there were hundreds of people circling the church right along the single driving lane and no one was going anywhere anyway.
We left the church grounds in foul moods. I was disappointed in our reaction to the onslaught, and disappointed in those people for taking out their frustrations on us. We were parked badly, everyone was parked badly, and all I could think of was how little patience and understanding was shared. Bleh.
By the time we arrived at the Park Sheraton it was nearly 2 p.m. and time for haircuts. The boys look great, I look like a fluffball which will hopefully tame itself after a wash. This afternoon was spent putting the house in order after having company yesterday, a new family at post along with our neighbors. I finally was able to chat with the girls and hear what they've done the past week. Fencing kept them busy and this coming week with the 4th of July festivities should be fun as well.
Have a great Independence Day!

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