Friday, June 29, 2007

A Better Day

A bit of sun and everything looks brighter.

Not that we've been out in the sun, but there's light outdoors and that's enough sometimes.
I'm a little crabby and cranky, but the boys are so much better behaved today. Yesterday the neighbor and I took the 4 kids to KFC for lunch and stopped at the school to let them play. That was the plan, but it wasn't quite as idyll as it sounds. My boys were rotten at KFC, standing on the seats, being loud, pushing each other. And the school is under construction again. The 6 new classrooms going up on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the elementary school are right over the little kids' playground, so all the equipment has been wrenched from the earth and is piled on the green field. The bigger kids playground is one of those old things you'd expect in a 1970s yard. I truly think that when the new grounds were build 3-4 years ago that the original equipment was brought from the old school. That's sad, IMO. The stuff isn't nice and certainly isn't safe.
In addition, the halls and field and eveywhere inbetween were littered with sleeping Indians. The "construction crew" on break. The number of flies was crazy from all the grease spots left by the crew from eating on the ground. And something kept dripping on me off the playground cover.
I was glad to go home and take the kids swimming, even in the rain.
This weekend we're having a new family over on Saturday and Sunday is haircut day. I'm looking forward to Skyping with the girls as we haven't had a chance all week. They've been out the door early to go to Fencing Camp and I'd have to get up before 5:30 a.m. to talk to them during their evening. That's not appealing.
We fired our driver last Saturday. It went better than it could have, but still not great. We counted 150 honks (most of them unnecessary to our eyes) on a regular drive to and from Spencers Plaza. But this new guy I'm still trying to figure out. Some of his references were good but old, his most recent employer was the Kindergarden teacher at AISC. He only worked for her for 6 months, not the 2-3 years we expect to see on references. In fact, a bunch of his good references were for short term employment and while he likes to say he has worked for the Consulate before, but a former U.S. Consulate person also fired him for getting cash and "favors" by helping others get job placements. And he was lazy.
I'm really thinking there's no magical fix to this. I "can't" drive and good, honest, pleasant, safe drivers are few and far between.
Enough on that. I have a lot of cleaning and picking up to do before our guests arrive tomorrow afternoon, so I'd best be on it.

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