Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What's to say?

There's really not much to report from here. The cloudy, drippy days continue which is wonderful for the weather, not so much for swimming. The rains have also brought back the mosquitoes, both boys are completely bitten up. Hello Dengue and Chikungunya.

School mornings continue to go well, fun afternoons continue to happen. The boys periodically mention missing their sisters, but they are playing a lot with the neighbors so boredom really hasn't set in. The xbox has seen a lot of activity too. This afternoon Jonathon was invited to a friend's house to play so I think Nicholas and I will go out somewhere for a couple hours to have a change of scenery. Tonight one of the neighbor kids is sleeping over.
On the whole, life is quiet in old Chennai.
The girls over in Virginia, on the other hand, seem to be quite busy. This week they have fencing camp. I haven't heard directly how they like it, but through my mom I heard Katherine thought it was great. Rebecca was apprehensive last week, so I'm curious if the class is as worrisome as she expected.
My mom took them to a garden tea and they spent a lot of time with my grandmother who came down from Wisconsin to visit. They've both gotten their ears pierced, seen Shrek the Third and Nancy Drew, eaten out at every place we dream of and drool over, eaten ice cream on the pier at Old Town Alexandria, and of course shopped and shopped again.
Spending the summer in Virginia, away from mom and dad (and yes, brothers too) is quite a change. I'm looking forward to their thoughts on the 4th of July. Nothing beats Independence Day in our nation's capital.

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