Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just Not a Good Start to the Day

It's only 11 a.m. but I feel like the day has been wasted and is a loss.

It's more to do with me than anything else. As always. I went to bed too late last night so I'm a little cranky this morning. And the boys are wired for some reason so they aren't listening, aren't doing what I've asked, aren't being QUIET. They are procrastinating through their school stuff. I would let them off the hook today, but they didn't do anything yesterday. I finally told them to have a snack thinking they'd come back more focussed. But they ended up in the pantry having a mock fight and banging on the door so I canceled snack, turned off the lights in living room where the school stuff is all laid out, and put them both in their room. I told them to be quiet, they are playing instead. I could take a nap.
There will be no (more) xbox today. And probably none tomorrow either. They played hours yesterday which really was a lot of fun to watch as they finished all the main quests on Lego Star Wars 2. That doesn't mean the game is done, in fact it's about 1/2 done so there are dozens more hours to go. But not today, not soon.
I just want to sleep. I should go out to Cottage Industries, but I just can't pull myself together to go, and I don't want to go with them, but I don't want to leave them at home either because I do think they could use a change of scenery.
Have I mentioned I just want to sleep?

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