Friday, June 8, 2007

Welcome to Summer

The local kids started back to school this past week. Our kids had their last (half) day on Friday and we now have a 1st grader, 2nd grader, 4th grader and 6th grader. Yup, parents to a middle schooler.

The girls made it to Virignia. Aside from being a long trip they sounded happy, had time for McDonalds in Frankfurt, and I think they grew up on their 20 hour trip. The family who acted as their guardians on the trip, well, I can't thank them enough. As far as I know, they ran into no troubles traveling with minors not their own. I'm thankful. They are in for several fun weeks in Virginia and I'm excited for them.
All the kids did well on their report cards, all moved up. I guess that's rather a "duh" comment. Katherine made straight As but for a B in P.E. That's my girl, I never did well in P.E. either. At the Awards Assembly on Wednesday, Katherine received the President's Award for Educational Excellence. Her teacher had called me the day before to ensure I would be present, and I was. Katherine hadn't been told she was receiving anything so her face was priceless when they called her name.
I spoke with Nicholas's teacher, she's leaving this year to move back to Stafford, VA. If we keep in touch there's a good chance we'll see her when we're back in a couple years.
I also asked in the library to help out next year, either Book Week, reading to the younger kids, or something of the sort. I did not sign up to be class parent or anything of the sort. That depends a lot on the teacher and how much involvement from parents they want.
Next year is full already.

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